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Do you know any pros/cons of push-out awning windows vs crank out? Marvin makes both, and the push-out version locks in varying positions. I was thinking they may be safer, but not as easy to operate if they tend to get stuck, or frozen.

What's your opinion of Milgard windows v Marvin? Thanks!


Not really a code related question.

Both Milgard and Marvin are major players in the window industry and have good reputations. I do not have a preference personally.

I've seen both installed. I've seen both get stuck and/or damaged by lack of maintenance or rough handling. Like anything else, if you take care of it, it will last longer and give better service.


some one told me that any replacement window in stalled by law has to be equipped with limit lock is this true? and were can i find this info? thanks



 The 2009 International Residential Code calls for newly constructed windows to have window opening limiting devices IAW ASTM F 2090. It basically "locks" the window open only 4" to protect childrem from falling out. Do an internet search on ASTM F 2090 to find more information.


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