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QUESTION: I have a Delano mantle clock made by Wm.L.Gilbert of Winstead in the USA. I do not Know anything about it> I would like to know how old it is and any back ground information

Delano Clock by Wm. L. Glibert Clock Co.

ANSWER: Murray, I have done some research on your clock and have run into a conflict of model names. First, you have a Gilbert Mission Style clock. I found one that showed the model being a "Normandy", but in looking up Normandy, I find a tambour or "camel back" mantel clock. I also found a description of a clock with Normandy chimes which they say is a "bim bam" sound, or two notes on the strike. I believe yours has that. I subscribe to a Website called "Antique Clock Identification and Price Guide. I can get descriptions and values. I believe you can Google the site which shows just the photos. If you will access that site and enter Gilbert Mission Clock, it should show you 4 or more models, one being yours. Let me know if you find it. In the meantime I will continue to see if I can find anything more. Do you need history of the Gilbert Company?

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QUESTION: Do you know the age of this clock ?

ANSWER: Murray, from what I have read, the Gilbert Mission clocks of this type were made around 1910.

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QUESTION: Thanks John, I looked up that site and found the photo of the clock which is the same. My one does have the two notes on the strike. I have looked up the history of Gilbert Clocks thanks. I was just wandering if it was worth keeping. The clock is still in very good working condition.


Interesting question, Murray. People look at clocks differently as in a lot of old items. I had a friend that laughed at the way people collected antiques. He said he didn't want anything old, when he could buy something better that was new. People look at clocks that are real collector's items and think they are junk. Mission clocks are very collectable, and I have never seen the one you have. It is interesting in the fact that it has the "slag" glass on the sides. I would definitely keep it. But then your home decor might be modern and it wouldn't fit in. It is up to you. Hope this helps.


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