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I'm building a new house locates in Houston, TX area (Cy-Fair municipal city). Before the sheetrock to be applied, I caught some framing structure problems in this house, one of the most issues I really concern is roof bracing of rafters, and it call "T-brace". There are many T-Braces have insufficient length of "T" supported. Please see photos in this link http://www.dzidzom.com/images/Wood_Frame_Structure/6.T-BRACE_Issues/Structure_Issues.doc

I already showed to the builder this issue, and they agreed to fix only the BOWED "T-Braces". I think don't have to explain but I told the builder that they should know quite well the reason why 3 "T-braces" bowed because its "T" length is not long enough to supported the braces/rafters, and all the other "T-braces" with short "T" length supported WILL bow in the near future. However, the builder refused to fix the other "T-Braces" that have short "T" length supported. They said the building code doesn't indicate specific length of the "T", so they will not do any correction action to all the other "T-braces" which do not bend/bow.

I totally did not agree with what they told me. My question is: What is the specification of the T-Brace? Does it indicate the length of the "T"? How long the "T" should go with the web?

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  From the pictures it does not appear that the framing was done very professionally. The most applicable part of the 2006 IRC is probably R802.5.1 Purlins. Installation of purlins to reduce the span

of rafters is permitted as shown in Figure R802.5.1. Purlins shall be sized no less than the required size of the rafters that they support. Purlins shall be continuous and shall be supported by 2-inch by 4-inch (51 mm by 102 mm) braces installed to bearing walls at a slope not less than 45 degrees from the horizontal. The braces shall be spaced not more than 4 feet (1219 mm) on center and the unbraced length of braces shall not exceed 8 feet (2438 mm). I cannot find where the code calls for the "T" to be the entire length of the support.

I think the real problem is the supports are undersized for the load they are carrying. The long 2 x 4 supports should possibly be 2 x 6. I have seen many "Ts" on supports and they have done fine without being the full length of the support. What angle are the supports at?

Does Cy Fair do inspections or is your builder under the TRCC County inspection program? Did a licensed inspector pass this framing? I do many builder county phase inspections in Texas and (from the pictures) I would not have passed it!

I would like to see a structural engineer who specializes in home construction evaluate the framing.

I see some other potential problems outside of the framing. Are some of the ducts crimped? Is that a "B" vent touching the wood? Is the PEX secured in enough places?


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