Wood stove to thimble connection

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I currently have a wood stove where an 8" stove pipe runs with the crimped end in my stove to a very heavy gauge (1/8"? thick) thimble cemented into the hearth. The part that runs into the thimble was actually manually crimped a little in order to fit. I will be replacing my stove as the firewalls in it are decaying a bit and a new one should be much more efficient than that 30 year old one.

I can't seem to find a double crimped stove pipe. What is the proper way to go into the thimble?


all pipe connections must run into the one below (male end facing down into the female) back to the stove (keeps the 3rd stage creosote inside the pipe an not dripping out of the seams. the new stove will more than likely be a 6" pipe, the local stove store will have the adapters you need. bring them pictures if they are not coming out to install it. Hope this helped


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