Would like to no about a watch that was left in a will

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i have a watch that was left in a will it is a imperial 15 jewel it has a S.W.C.CO.14k gold filled25 years on the inside it also says 5475491 and there is a star. i would like to no how old it is and were i can find some one to apraise it for me thanks Ryan M



I need more info to date the watch.

Many jewelers have someone who can appraise jewelry. If they don't, ask your insurance company for a referral. Another source is Jewelers Mutual, a company that insures jewelry. They can likely tell you someone in your area who can appraise the watch.

An unofficial appraisal can most likely be made from someone in an antiques store that carries watches.

another unofficial source is to use Shugart's book, The Complete Price Guide to Watches.



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