Wuersch grand daughter clock

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I recently inherited a Wuersch Grand Daughter Cherry Limited Edition..On the back of the inside clock parts is 83 , which I think means it wsa made in 1983.it then has Two (2) Jewels and at the bottom is 1050-020..It is wound but the chime numbers are off and it will not continuously run.Any help??


This type of movement usually needs to be cleaned & overhauled every 10-12 years on average to keep it in good running condition. If it won't keep running, that indicates there isn't enough power getting through the movement due to gummy, gritty oil, rough bearings, bearing wear, etc. It could be something more minor but a visual inspection by a repairman is the only way to know for sure unless you're privy to the service history of the clock. The strike count can be corrected by moving the hour hand to point to the hour it actually strikes. Then reset to the correct time using the minute hand.


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