Wuersch wall clock

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Inherited the above and like it very much but, it chimes the hour at 12 minutes to, and the half hour at 30 min later. How do I fix this?


If the minute hand of your clock has a friction bushing providing the fix to the minute hand shaft your job is simple. Simply stop the clock, remove the minute hand from its shaft, put a file tang into the hole and turn the hand sufficient to accommodate 12 minutes. Replace the hand and start the clock, set to correct time, you are done.

If your clock does not have a friction bushed minute hand you would have to remove the hands and the dial to make correction In this instance you would have to change the position of the gear that turns the minute hand, this would require taking the clock apart and aligning the teeth in their proper position. I would not recommend you do this, it would be far better taking it to a clock repair person. Taking a clock apart is dangerous not only to the clock but to the person working on the movement. Putting it back together again is also fraught with dangers. The simple way to avoid all that difficulty is to purchase a matching minute hand that has a hand bushing installed. Then you would exercise the simple procedure outlined in the first paragraph.


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