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QUESTION: i have a desk clock with a young town quartz movement. it is marked 12888 there are four wires that attach to a circuit board. i have dismantled the movement from the clock, which is powered by batteries located in the base of the stand. i would like to replace this movement with an identical one. can you help?

ANSWER: need a description of the functions it has and a photo attached here? what size batteries ? is the movement held in by the single big nut that was around the hand shaft? how long is the treaded portion of the handsaft?

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QUESTION: i have responded with the information requested, but as of this date i have not gotten a reply. ...steve....

ANSWER: my answer on 2/17 was:

try here:

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QUESTION: i am ready to purchase any old movement just to get this thing working again. i do have a few questions concerning what i should buy. this is a small diameter clock with hands that measure 1"long for the minute hand and approx. 3/4" long for the hour hand. the dial is approx 3 1/8" in diameter. the shaft length is approx. 3/4" with a depth of approx. 5/16" do i need to stick to the diameter and hand length when i replace the movement? ..regards...steve...


if the old hands will fit the new movement - then your question is moot. And you cant change the dial diameter anyway right?

Because of the inexpensive nature of these plastic movments and often the clocks that they go in- I know of no one who can answer your questions except maybe Klockit.


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