Zachariah maples grandfather clock

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I inherited my Mothers Zachariah Maples Grandfather clock.I has not worked for many years.I saw were Heather Maple said look on top to find out some information about the clock.I only found the name of the clock and "Master Cabinet maker Fred Montgomery and Master Finisher Romon U. Lepe."If you look at the clock it has three weights with chains. The left weight is off with the chain.How do I take the front of the clock off to fit it?


The information you present deals with the case. Data that will tell you about the movement is engraved or stamped upon the clock movements brass backplate. I wish I could tell you how to gain access to the movement but I do not have the slightest idea how your clock is built. Different methods of construction establish different procedures. If you could send me a digital picture of clock I most likely could help you.


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