"Carry" NYS Restrictions

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Last Updated: Mar 07, 2014 09:47 PM GMT

I have a NYS "carry" license issued 35 years ago. The clerk at the issuing Sheriff's dept typed "hunring,sporting,target" across the top of my license. NO typo on my part, that is what he typed. Do you believe this is meant as a restriction of my right to carry and should it have any influence on my decision to carry?


It sounds as if you are located in Eastern Suffolk County, and licensed by the Sheriff's Office in Riverhead.

In any event, your license contains a typo, and should have it corrected at your first opportunity.

As for influencing your decision to "Carry," why would it? That's silly, and your suggestion that it was an intentional error "meant as a restriction of my right to carry," is even sillier.

As a matter of NYS case law, a "Carry License" is just that, a license to carry the handgun(s) enumerated on that license, subject to any conditions imposed by your licensing officer, in this case the Sheriff of your County.


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