By Sherri M. Gordon, Bullying Topic Writer, Topic Writer

[an error occurred while processing this directive] Today, my kids will be taking our state's standardized achievement tests. To prepare them, I made sure they ate healthy breakfasts and had a good night's rest. According to the district, these two actions are the best things parents can do to prepare kids for the testing. But, I wonder if the school realizes their anti-bullying campaigns also can prepare kids?

In fact, according to a recent study by the University of Virginia, schools that don't address teen bullying or have a climate of teen bullying suffer academically. And, it's not just the targets of bullying who suffer. The entire school suffers.

For instance, high schools in Virginia with significantly lower scores on standardized tests also reported a high rate of bullying. This research indicates that bullying is a schoolwide issue and not an individual problem.

Researchers also theorize that students in schools with pervasive bullying are less engaged in learning due to the distractions bullying can cause. Teachers also may be less effective because they must spend more time focused on discipline.

So what can you do if your school district is lacking an effective anti-bullying campaign? Check out my tips for preventing bullying at your child's school.

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