Cheesecake Factory Discount for National Cheesecake Day

Friday July 27, 2012

By Susan Finch

July 30 is the much anticipated, long awaited, eagerly eaten National Cheesecake Day!

Yes, it's a real holiday that demands respect. But before you roll your eyes at the silly day, don't you want to celebrate it? Don't you want to devour a chocolate and peanut butter swirled confection out of a sense of duty?

But if you really need a reason to indulge, the Cheesecake Factory is offering half off any slice of cheesecake. It's a dine-in offer only, good for one slice per customer and you have to actually be present at the time of ordering. That means no asking for 23 slices to go for your family reunion. You're going to have to bring everybody in to celebrate and save.

I suspect it's no coincidence the holiday coincides with the Summer Olympics. For one thing, we can devour our weight in cheesecake while cheering on the likes of US weightlifter Holley Mangold tackling some 500-plus pounds.

But rumor has it the ancient Greeks invented cheesecake and served it to their celebrated athletes for the games. It's a genius dessert. I totally believe the Greeks are behind this.

You can find plenty of places to honor National Cheesecake Day around Atlanta. Where's your favorite dessert spot in the city?


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