Southwest Airline Facebook Snafu

Thursday August 9, 2012

By Susan Finch

In another case of social media marketing gone wild, Southwest Airlines released a promo on Facebook for customers to enter a code and book $29 tickets for one-way travel.

The promo worked and generated instant buzz, but Southwest's booking engine went a little haywire and charged some customers multiple times to the tune of nearly $2,000. Yikes!

You think they would have learned after United Airlines' online booking system got a little too generous and awarded round-trip flights to Hong Kong for a mere 4 miles each and ultimately chose not to honor the fare.

I suppose we can forgive you this time, Southwest. Your fares are still pretty inexpensive and your new hub in Atlanta makes me want to find other mistaken frequent flyer mile fares and take to the air. Hopefully to Maui. Or maybe St. Lucia.

What's the best fare you've ever scored flying to or from Atlanta?


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