Visit the World of Coke's Pop Culture Gallery

Sunday November 25, 2012

By Susan Finch

The World of Coke's Pop Culture Gallery is featuring the exhibit David Clayman: Abstract Wood Constructions until May, 2013.

Clayman's exhibit showcases 15 original abstract wood constructions in ornate, explosively creative, bottle form.

The only thing that might be better is if these oversized, colorful wood abstracts were actually filled with Coke.

Clayman is a native of New York and currently lives in Kennesaw, Georgia where he's been working with wood and sculpture. In all, he has some four decades of experience at his fingertips.

He also served in the Army during World War II and was a prisoner of war in Germany. He was later awarded the Bronze Star and the Combat Infantryman's Badge.

Plan a visit to the World of Coke and see how the iconic soft drink all started. Spoiler alert: It was scooped up by Asa Candler for a mere $2,300.


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