Extreme Beer Breweries

Monday January 14, 2013

By Susan Finch

Chugging beer is so passé. The new way to enjoy beer is by by doing it with extreme craft brewers. Brewers who amp up the alcohol-by-volume content so revelers can sip and savor.

Beer is progressive now and it is possible to find a 6-pack for (drumroll) $90. Fox News reports some brewers are enjoying a friendly rivalry to see who can make the highest alcohol content in a beer.

So far we've got Armageddon, brewed by Scottish brewery Brewmeister, jumped into the game with Armageddon 65% alcohol-by-volume. Let's hope fraternity parties don't get a hold of this one.

If your mouth is watering, and you want to refine your beer palate, find a beer festival in Atlanta. Cheers!


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