Martin Luther King from Atlanta to SNL

Sunday January 27, 2013

By Susan Finch

The world paid homage to Martin Luther King Jr. this week to commemorate his birthday. Among those giving a nod to the civil rights activist was SNL.

The ghost of Martin Luther King, Jr. (Kenan Thompson) visited President Obama (Jay Paroah) on Saturday Night Live. Watch a video of the spoof here.

Obama questions if he lived up to the slain civil rights leader's legacy, but King has other things on his mind. " "We'll get to all of that. But first things first. Did you see that girl Beyonce?" King said. "Raquel Welch was beautiful. Beyonce is like, Daaaaamn. I had to keep pinching myself. I thought I was having another one of my famous dreams."

Now back to reality and a more humbling homage. It's never too late to explore Martin Luther King inspired attractions around Atlanta and learn more about the great civil rights leader.


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