President Carter Raised Zero Dollars During Campaign

Thursday February 28, 2013

By Susan Finch

President Jimmy Carter confided in Piers Morgan that when he ran against President Ford, they raised zero dollars. Meanwhile, Romeny and Obama raised some $2 billion during the last election.

Seems like we could make a small dent in the deficit with $2 billion. And besides. At some point all candidates will just hash out their elections on their personal Facebook walls. With a few links sneaking in of adorable cats getting into boxes and other mischief.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Carter's Library and Museum, located near Inman Park, underwent a $10 million renovation in the last handful of years complete with state of the art interactive exhibits.

You can learn more about what Jimmy and Rosalyn raise money for, from health crisis to mental health advocacy at the museum. But you won't learn how to raise money for a Presidential campaign.


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