The Walking Dead Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Wednesday June 26, 2013

By Susan Finch

The Walking Dead comic series celebrates its 10th anniversary at Comic-Con International. Congrats!

I'm hoping this means there's at least 10 years worth of Walking Dead TV series in store for us via AMC.

Though you'll have to travel to San Diego Convention Center to get to the event, you can get your own dose of Walking Dead right here in Atlanta.

Atlanta Movie Tours hosts a Big Zombie I and Big Zombie II tour complete with locations from such key scenes as the zombie arena and Sheriff Rick and the Governor chatting over some booze.

Best of all, Atlanta Movie Tours employs zombie extras from the show as tour guides to give you an inside scoop from the set. But don't expect too much info, the tour guides are pretty buttoned-up and take their job as regular Joe turned zombie turned tour guide pretty seriously.

Learn more about the Big Zombie Tours in Atlanta.


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