John Kusmiersky Plans Toppling Buckhead High-Rise

Tuesday July 30, 2013

By Susan Finch

Look up.

Developer John Kusmiersky is planning a 500 foot plus luxury high-rise net to Phipps Plaza. The 39-story building will be one of Atlanta's tallest residential buildings.

Kusmiersky also built Atlanta's luxury high-rise Park Place on Peachtree Street over three decades ago.

I wonder what the sticker shock will be on that place. I'm not sure how many luxury high-risers enjoy hoofing it to MARTA, but there's plenty of amenities in a stone's throw to the new building.

For everyone else, you can stay in an upscale or completely modest hotel in Buckhead for a fraction of the cost of buying a high-rise. Now that's a bargain. (Sort of).


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