Using Hydroponics to Increase Health and Well Being

Thursday May 23, 2013

By Christie D'Anna

Hydroponic gardening is a fun hobby --I started with a tiny herb garden years ago and haven't been able to stop since! Many hobbyists come to hydroponics because they love gardening but don't have access to land, or because they love technology and are intrigued by new methods of growing plants. A lot of people do not recognize what I believe to be the number one benefit of hydroponic gardening -- restoring physical and mental health.

When I lived in a small apartment in the city seven years ago, I felt bombarded by stress. There was the stress of commuting to work, smog, noise pollution and the inherent rudeness of strangers, but also the stress of being away from nature. I had no yard, no parks nearby, nowhere to go to find solace from the man-made environment I was surrounded by every day.

Not only that, I found it hard as a recent college graduate to afford nutritious foods. I craved fresh vegetables and expensive herbs. When I discovered hydroponics, my whole world changed. I not only had a new, fun hobby to take up some of my time and mental energy, I had a source of fresh, nutritious food and got to bring a little bit of the natural world into my tiny apartment. Even if I had ramen noodles for dinner, freshly picked herbs from my Hydroponic garden made my meals delicious.

Hydroponic gardening became a huge part of my life and followed me to every place I moved after that, the systems increasing in size and complexity each year. I helped many of my friends set up gardens as well, and they felt the same solace in having a bit of nature brought back into their homes. If you feel lost, stressed or just want some fresh food in your home, consider the benefits that growing your own food cheaply and easily could have on your life. [link to beginners hydroponics article]

If you live in the city, what are some of your favorite strategies for relieving stress? Do you have a favorite park, or go hiking on the weekends? Comment below and let me know!


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