Happy Halloween from Insurance Company Reviews!

Wednesday October 17, 2012

By Janet Hunt

Flo versus the GEICO Gecko Fall Leaves

Photo courtesy of Symphony999

Fall is one of my favorite times of year. There are football games to look forward to and it finally is cool enough to feel comfortable in a sweater. Then of course, there are fall leaves, hot cocoa, and best of all, Halloween! One of my all-time favorite parts of Halloween is gearing up to have your pants scared off with a horror movie.

With Halloween coming up, I am sure everyone is getting set to watch their most favorite scary movies. You pop up a fresh buttery batch of popcorn, get out your favorite blanket, turn the lights down low and you are all set!

What are some of your favorite scary movies? One of mine was "Freddie versus Jason." Can you imagine what a movie might be light if we paired of two of the insurance advertising superstars? How about "Flo versus the GEICO Gecko?" This would be the "Gecko" from GEICO Insurance standing off against Flo, the effervescent cashier from Progressive Insurance .

Who do you think would prevail? What sinister plots would develop as each tried to lead to the other's demise? Flo is a smart gal and would surely have something sinister up her sleeve, all the while wearing that lovely smile of hers. But what about the Gecko? Don't sell him short (oops, sorry, no pun intended!) He may be little, but he carries a powerful punch.

Well, okay, maybe our insurance company characters would not make the best characters for a Halloween movie, but they sure are fun to watch! They make an otherwise somewhat less than interesting topic very entertaining.

No matter what scary movie you decide to watch this Halloween, I hope you have a spooky good time. Happy Halloween everyone!


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