How do You Choose an Auto Insurance Company?

Thursday January 31, 2013

By Janet Hunt

Finding the right company when looking to buy auto insurance is not always easy. Where do you start? You know what you want but it is not always easy to put into words. You want a company who has great discounts and benefits and extra features such as towing/labor, roadside assistance or gap insurance coverage. Here are some of the top criteria to consider when considering where to buy auto insurance:

  • Affordable insurance premium
  • Insurance Discounts
  • Policy Features
  • Financial Stability
  • Claims Service
  • Customer Service
  • Overall Customer Satisfaction

Who are the Top-rated Auto Insurance Companies?

When you start looking for an insurance company who rates highly in all of the above areas, your choices start to narrow. What companies really perform well in all areas? According to customer surveys and studies by consumer reports,, J.D. Power & Associates and other insurance rating organizations, the auto insurance companies below rate very highly and may be good choices when looking for an auto insurance company:

Of course, these are just suggestions based on studies and customer surveys. Ultimately, only you can decide what auto insurance company is right for you. Take some time to do research of your top company picks. If you are still unsure, give each company a call and see which one feels like the right choice.


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