Text Your Way to Savings With These Mobile Coupons

Monday December 3, 2012

By Torrey Kim

I'm not a big texter, considering that my large thumbs and my slow reflexes have made me an unfortunate victim of autocorrect embarrassments, and leading many of my texts to be incoherent once they receive the recipients. However, I do make an exception to my limited texting lifestyle when it comes to text coupons.

My coupons-via-text obsession first began when I was standing in line at Michael's buying over $100 worth of yarn. I was sweating it out over the fact that the measly "40% off one item" coupon in my purse would only save me about $2.00 on my order. And that's when I saw the sign that indicated I could text a quick phrase to Michael's and receive an instant coupon for 10% off my entire order. I texted, it worked, and the rest is history.

This led to a big huntdown of various texting codes. I joined several text clubs, quit one or two that sent me unnecessary deals or excessive texts, and whittled down my list to those text deals that actually save me big money.

In my quest for text codes, I decided to compile an extensive list of these text codes, including both restaurants such as Carl's Jr. and retailers like Macy's. Figure out which will help you save some holiday cash, and get texting!

Please let me know of any text codes I've missed, or which text deals are your favorites.

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