LevelUp Mobile Payment App Offers Big Savings

Sunday December 23, 2012

By Torrey Kim

You may think that mobile payment apps aren't suited for your deal-seeking lifestyle, but I thought that as well -- until I found LevelUp, a great app that can allow you to walk into a store or restaurant with just your mobile phone, and walk out with a product. How? Because the app converts your mobile device into a credit card by linking to your account. You scan the LevelUp code at the register, and you've instantly paid.

Not only does this offer a bit of convenience (fewer items to carry), but it gives you savings as well. Every participating retailer will give you a few dollars to spend at their location just by paying via LevelUp. Plus, you can collect additional credits by entering promo codes.

Wonder how the stores can afford to give you big savings at every participating shop? They pay no transaction fees on LevelUp purchases, saving them big money just by accepting your scanned code rather than your credit card. Therefore, the combination is a win-win for both retailers and consumers.

Check out LevelUp for both Apple and Android devices, and then decide whether you ever want to go back to what we used to refer to as "fantastic plastic" -- and what may soon be referred to as "yesterday's payment option."


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