Mobile Coupon Redemption 10 Times Higher Than Printed Coupons

Friday February 1, 2013

By Torrey Kim

With the mobile couponing trend heating up more every day, consumers cannot get enough of these handy coupons, which you can't ever leave at home as long as you have your phone with you. According to a new article by Internet Retailer, mobile coupon redemption will grow 50 percent this year, and even more amazingly, consumers redeem mobile coupons more than ten times as often as they redeem paper ones, the article notes.

With the plethora of amazing apps that contribute to mobile couponing, as well as social media sites, text coupons, and email deals accessible via mobile phone, it's no surprise that mobile coupons are incredibly easy to use and that consumers are quick to redeem them. In addition, the offers are available in every genre, from food to gasoline to fashion, and they change every week. What's a hot deal today may be different tomorrow, and mobile devices can update just as quickly as retailers change their offers.


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