Are You A 'Showroomer?'

Thursday February 14, 2013

By Torrey Kim

Last fall, arguments heated up nationwide as large chain stores revealed that sales were suffering because customers would enter the store, try out a product, and then buy it online at a lower price. This practice, known as "showrooming," gained national attention and drew the ire of many people who hoped that consumers would continue to visit both big box and local mom-and-pop stores rather than giving all of their business to online retailers like

Many of us struggle with the challenge of trying to ensure that we shop locally while also maximizing savings. You can handle this in a variety of ways, but for me, I like to combine local deals (offered via text coupons, social media sites, and paper coupons) with interest in buying other items online at sites such as Amazon. I have used Amazon's mobile app many times to ensure that I get the best deals on products like hand lotion and dishwashing detergent, and also keeping an eye on the Daily Deals and Lightning Deals each day. In addition, I also use text deals to buy pizza at the locally-owned restaurant in my town.

Of course, this is a juggling act, and it's up to shoppers to know their own financial situations and interests, but it's important to keep all aspects of the retailing industry in mind when you're shopping.


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