Where Do You Find Mobile Deals?

Friday February 15, 2013

By Torrey Kim

I was watching Extreme Couponing last year, and my favorite part of the show is always when the couponers reveal how they find their coupons. Some of the participants use coupon-buying services, others dive into recycling bins for Sunday coupon inserts, and a few of them just gather coupons from family and friends. But there was one participant who was on the show shortly after it came on the air and she said she got her coupons straight from God. This puzzled me, obviously, because I was thinking, "Yeah, but where do you REALLY get them?"

We all find innovative ways to get our hands on coupons, whether they're paper or mobile-based. But when it comes to coupons on your phones or tablets, you can't simply download an app and expect the coupons to present themselves to cashiers. Some of the work will still be required of you -- for instance, you'll have to download apps, find the best deals near you (using location-based deal finding, in some instances, as pictured above), and present those mobile deals to your cashier. In others, you'll have to sign up for special text couponing programs and then present the text code to your checker.

What's great about mobile savings is that they aren't confined just to grocery stores, as coupons were in the 1970s and early '80s. Instead, you can find coupons on your mobile device for just about everything from personal care savings to travel discounts. With mobile couponing gaining steam the way it has been, chances are high that you won't be paying full price any time soon.

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