What's Your Biggest Savings Opportunity?

Monday April 29, 2013

By Torrey Kim

When many of us think of "big savings," we think about buying a home that was previously foreclosed, offering a huge discount over its retail value, or we might picture buying a used car that was deeply underpriced. However, savings opportunities are everywhere, not just on big-ticket items.

In reality, you're saving "big" every time you use a coupon and every time you cash in on a text code you received.

The reason these should all be considered "big" savings is because they add up. If you need to buy a pair of jeans and you'll be buying them no matter whether you have a coupon or not, then saving 20 percent using an app like Shopular can save you $10 to $20 -- and if you buy five pair of jeans a year, that could total up to $100. If you use similar tactics to save on everything you buy, you're saving thousands a year -- enough to match what you save on cars and homes.

Therefore, every purchase should be seen as a savings opportunity. Let us know where you've gleaned your biggest savings by writing to us at mobilecouponer@gmail.com.


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