How Far Would You Go to Earn $15.00?

Wednesday July 3, 2013

By Torrey Kim

When I first heard about the iPoll app, I was hesitant to try it out, because I initially thought every survey only paid about 50 cents. But then my husband reminded me that I would never turn away a 50 cent coupon, and I'd go to the trouble of clipping and redeeming it, so I realized that this isn't any different than taking a poll while I'm in a store. The app has worked out to generate over $90.00 for me over a month, so I'll definitely keep it as part of my savings strategy.

This brought up an interesting question, though. It made me wonder how far the average couponer is willing to travel for a particular discount. Would you go five miles for $5.00? How about $15.00? I once traveled over 100 miles to save $150 on a punching bag that my son wanted for Christmas, and I still feel like it was worth it, since the gas only cost me about $50, which meant I still netted $100. Write us and let us know how far you'd travel to save $15.00 off of a shopping order -- you can email us any time at


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