Categorizing Mobile Deals

Tuesday August 27, 2013

By Torrey Kim

When you think about the mobile deals that you're most likely to search for and use, you can probably categorize them in terms of fashion, gasoline, groceries, or other such broad groupings. But you can typically break those down further to determine where you're saving the most cash. Maybe you save a bundle using mobile deals for your pet's needs, or perhaps you slash your healthcare bills with money-saving apps. Either way, it's a good idea to break down your savings so you know which apps, text coupons, or other deal venues are most valuable for you.

I did this recently and was surprised to find that I saved most of my money on clothes at the mall. This shocked me since I'm not a big mall visitor in the first place -- I only go there for back-to-school shopping trips and the occasional holiday gift. But the reality is that malls are typically more expensive than other locations (such as outlets or discount stores), which prompts me to search for longer time periods to find those lucrative coupon deals.

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