How Do You Keep Your Mobile Coupons Organized?

Friday September 6, 2013

By Torrey Kim

I saw someone at the grocery store last week with one of those huge three-ring coupon binders. She was incredibly organized and had them categorized with dividers and tabs based on the store's layout. In some ways, that's what Passbook aims to be for your iPhone -- a one-stop screen to keep your coupons lined up and organized. However, not everyone has an iPhone, and not all of your coupons can be added to Passbook (although participation with the app is growing).

In light of these shortfalls, couponers have found new and creative ways to organize the coupons they glean from shopping apps, daily deal sites, and text clubs. So you might use apps like PeeqPeeq to keep your email coupons in line, or perhaps you take screenshots of your favorite mobile coupons and then keep them together on your phone's photo album. Whatever method you use to stay organized, we'd love to hear about it. Email us at with your favorite ways to stay organized and we'll compile the results. In addition, we're starting a "question of the week" segment, and we'd love to get your questions for that as well. We'll be answering the questions on as part of our new series.


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