Are You Concerned About Privacy When It Comes to Mobile Couponing?

Tuesday October 8, 2013

By Torrey Kim

Many of our readers have expressed concerns in the past about whether their couponing and rewards apps such as Shopkick are "following" their every move. After all, these apps sometimes alert us via a phone signal if we're near a participating store, or send us a notification if there's a deal as we drive past the mall. But when it comes to good deals, other couponers seem to not care as much.

A recent survey by mBlox revealed that 47 percent of survey respondents were happy to share location data with a company in exchange for discounts and offers.

Although I love a good coupon enough to keep my location service in the "on" position for most of my couponing apps, I'm eager to hear what our readers think. Email us at and let us know whether you'd be willing to trade your location privacy for great coupons.


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