Halloween is Just A Week Away

Tuesday October 22, 2013

By Torrey Kim

I know quite a few people who name Halloween as their absolute favorite holiday, surpassing Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and everything else. And I would guess that one of the reasons for that is because Halloween is so low-pressure. You aren't expected to cook a big meal or entertain far-flung family members. Instead, you simply buy a few bags of candy, grab a costume, and you're ready to celebrate.

With this year's Halloween just about ready to take place, many of us are still gathering last-minute items that we need for parties or costumes, and that often means we're deploying our favorite money-saving apps. Whether you're looking for local deals or you've got time to order items online, you can snag some fantastic deals right now.

Even better than grabbing deals next week? Snagging those amazing after-Halloween bargains. Stock up on Nov. 1 to get great discounts on yard decorations, partyware, or costuming supplies. This way, you'll be all ready for next year's holiday a whole year in advance.


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