Whole Foods and Pizza

Wednesday March 27, 2013

By Devorah Lev-Tov

While I know it's expensive, sometimes I just give in a buy my groceries at Whole Foods. Yes, their prices can be quite high, but I find that if you buy a lot of organic, gluten-free, or other "healthy" food, their prices are often cheaper or certainly on par with a regular supermarket, and they will almost always have a greater selection of those types of products. Plus, their produce is always fresh and delicious. I especially enjoy their own brand of things, and their pizza-related items are no exception. I've bought their frozen pizzas before with good success and recently I tried their frozen organic pizza dough, which comes in a small ball and as soon as it's defrosted is ready to be stretched and topped. I thought it tasted great and it made making pizza at home a possibility on a weeknight! The best part? It was only $1.99!


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