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Refurbishing a Used Lazy Susan

Wednesday October 30, 2013
Lazy Susans make awesome additions to the dining room table, especially for big dinners and family gatherings like Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you want to add a lazy Susan to your table this coming holiday season, check your local thrift stores or ask your family or friends if they have an old one you can have. If the lazy Susan is not your style or a little beat up, don't worry. Refurbish a used or old lazy Susan to match your dining room's decor.

What do you like to have in the center of the table during holiday meals? Have you ever refurbished a lazy Susan?

Refurbishing Vintage Globes

Tuesday October 29, 2013
I've been searching for months for a good quality, vintage globe at thrift stores and garage sales across the state. I finally found luck last weekend when I made a quick stop at my local thrift store. Lo and behold, a beautiful globe sat on a cart waiting to be put on the shelf. I immediately asked the clerk if I could purchase it and the price. I was astonished at the $3.99 price tag. I couldn't grab it quick enough!

After I brought the globe home, I noticed it needed a bit of work. Some of the map was rubbed off (which happens often to raised globes), the pedestal had some scratches and the sealant had yellowed. Instead of giving up on my obsession to have a globe, I decided to refurbish it to make it like new again.

Do you remember using globes as a child? Do you still have one or have been searching for one?

Refurbishing Old Canisters

Tuesday October 29, 2013
I love using canisters in my kitchen, living room and bathroom to store food, baking supplies, candy, cotton swaps and other small items. When I came across a couple of canisters at my local thrift store last week, I knew I had to snatch them up. Sometimes when I come across used canisters, they can be icky or not really my style. To give old canisters a personable touch and to match my decorating style, I refurbish them with paint, glitter, scrapbook paper and/or stencils.

With Halloween only a few days away, you can also refurbish an old canister to store Halloween candy to pass out to trick-or-treaters or keep out of site from your children.

Do you like to use canisters to organize areas in your home? What do you do with old canisters?

Refurbishing a Vintage Gumball Machine

Sunday October 27, 2013
A couple weeks ago, I picked up a traditional, Carousel style gumball machine at a local thrift store for a couple dollars. I used to love gumball machines when I was a kid! Unfortunately, the gumball machine was a little beat up and had a bunch of tape residue on the outside.

To make the gumball machine like new again (and to fit my decorating style a little more), I decided to refurbish it. I cleaned it up, gave it a new paint job and filled it with some silver wire ribbon.

What items from your childhood would you like to refurbish?

Refurbishing Old and Outdated Cabinets

Monday September 30, 2013
Are you planning on updating your kitchen or bathroom before the year is over? Instead of forking over a lot of money on new cabinets, refurbish the ones you already have to give them a new look and to save quite a bit of money.

What are you planning on updating in your home before the year is over?

Refurbishing Particle Board Furniture

Monday September 30, 2013
When I moved into my first apartment many years ago, I didn't have a lot of money so I purchased quite a few pieces of furniture made of particle board. Unfortunately, they are starting to show their age. Since the holidays are approaching, I'm refurbishing my old particle board furniture instead of purchasing new items.

What do you do with refurbished furniture when they start to show wear and tear? Do you prefer to repurpose the furniture you have or buy something new?

Repurposing Old Monitors

Monday September 30, 2013
Do you prepare for fall and winter by cleaning out the garage or basement? If so, check to see if you have any old CRT monitors that have been collecting dust. Repurpose old CRT monitors to create unique gifts, indoor and outdoor decor for your home and beds for your pets.

What do you do with old monitors and electronics? Do you repurpose them or drop them off at a recycling center?

Refurbishing and Restoring a Wooden Wall Clock

Monday September 30, 2013
A few weeks ago, I picked up a really nice wooden wall clock at a local thrift store for only $6.99. Such a great deal! It was in great condition, but was missing the pendulum and wasn't working correctly. Not to mention, I wasn't too thrilled about the stain color. To make the clock better fit my style and home's decor, I refurbished it by giving it a new coat of stain and made some repairs.

What do you do with clocks after they stop working? Do you repair them yourself or send them off for repair?

Refurbish a Cork Board

Saturday August 31, 2013
Going off to college soon? Cork or message boards are usually staple items in a dorm room. Instead of displaying a plain cork board in your room, decorate it with fabric, glitter, markers, paint, colored paper or duct tape.

If you acquire a hand-me-down cork board from a sibling or pick up a used one at a thrift store, don't worry about it not looking new. Refurbish the cork board in a design that fits your decorating style and personality.

How are you planning on decorating your dorm room this fall? Do you like hanging cork boards to display photos, artwork and keep track of important deadlines?

Reasons to Refurbish

Saturday August 31, 2013
If you're moving into a new apartment this fall or wanting to change the decorating style of your home, browse thrift stores, garage sales and even through your friends' and families' garages for furniture they no longer want. Save money by getting hand me downs or purchasing used furniture instead of forking over excess money on new, store bought items.

Don't worry if the furniture has any rips, cracks or scratches or you don't like the color or finish; refurbish the item(s) to match your style and decor.

Do you have any furniture you want to refurbish?


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