Dynamic validation lists

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I have several lists like the example below. I have made these named ranges and they serve as Validation Lists on another sheet in my workbook.

My objective is that when VehicleType Truck would be chosen, that then in the next Validation List (VehicleBrand) only Toyota and Ford would be options because Infiniti does not have any Trucks.

I will need to perform this over many lists.

VehicleType VehicleBrand VehicleModel Truck Ford F-150 Truck Ford F-250 Truck Ford F-350 Truck Ford Ranger Car Ford Taurus Car Ford Mustang SUV Toyota 4-Runner SUV Toyota Highlander Car Toyota Camry Car Toyota Corolla Truck Toyota Tundra Car Infiniti G37 Car Infiniti M56


this is what is called dependent dropdown lists. this is a fairly complex topic that doesn't lend itself very well to this type of interface as longpictures can be confusiong. Debra Dalgleish has quite a thorough discussion of how to do this on her web site. So let me provide you with that URL:


If you want a specific example matched to your data/situation, you can send me a sample workbook with your data and dropdowns explaining the behavior you want and I will set it up for you.

send it to


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